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Our Approach

Our understanding of baptism leads us to believe that children, even in their earliest days, are members of the church, belong to God, and need to develop their own ongoing and authentic relationship with Jesus. 

We think kids (and youth) need a place to wonder, doubt, hope, change their opinions, and grow in their faith. They also need to participate in the life of the church in ways that are suitable for them. 

None of us have all the answers: can I get an amen, parents? We want to empower parents and guardians to walk alongside their children as they and their faith grow. 

In the Gospel of Matthew 19 we see this beautiful truth. Parents and guardians bring children to Jesus and instead of sending them away he says, "Bring them." And the text says, "he laid his hands on them." Literally, he "graced them." 

In the kingdom of God everyone is invited to be graced. Bring your kids and be blessed. 


Nursery Care (Kindergarten and Younger)

Nursery care is available for kindergarten and younger. You may sign your child into nursery before the service or you may do so when your child is dismissed after the children's lesson (explained below).

Grade 5 and Younger

Except for those children who are checked in to nursery care, children Grade 5 and younger will start in the worship service (begins 10am). About 15-20 minutes into the service Pastor Jason will invite the children who feel comfortable doing so up to the front steps for an age-appropriate lesson. After their time and prayer together the children are dismissed and escorted by their teachers to their classroom.

During the remainder of their time together they have a large group story time, a song, and a craft. After the worship service you may pick your child up downstairs in the gym/fellowship hall.

*On the first Sunday of the month all kids Grade 5 and younger (except nursery care) stay in the worship service and are invited to participate in Holy Communion. 

Kids adapt at their own pace, therefore we trust parents and guardians to know what's best. If your child wishes to remain with you during Pastor Jason's lesson or during Sunday school, that's perfectly fine. All are welcome.

Email us with any questions about children's ministry

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